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DSA JAPCS aka Anime Club

News & Nonsense

The DSA Japanese Animation & Pop-Culture Society..
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Here's the community and message board that was suggested at the 03-04 end of year meeting. As promised this community is up and running for the 04-05 year of the DSA JAPCS(anime Club). This form will be for meeting updates, what we're going to be watching, and secritarial notes, money business, and that sort of thing. This will not take the place of the club e-mail but the e-mail will begin to come out on a more regular basis, probably bi-weekly or weekly and will contain all the news for that time period, there will also still be periodic notes from the treasurer. This board can be used for any questions you have or basicly anything you want to talk about. We don't mind you using it as a chat board so to speak as long as you keep personal information confidential (such as, you can adress someone by their first name but not their last name, and don't exchange home addresses or something like that). We do however ask that you do not title your entries unless you are a club "dictator" (Sara, Danielle, Mimi, or Katie). A titled entry will indicate a important annoucement or update, basicly thats official club stuff that you need to know coming from the four officers. We also ask that you do not request to join the community unless you are actually a member of the DSA JAPCS (meaning you physically attend meetings), as I will be screening membership. It would also be nice if you could notify one of the officers if you've tried to join the community but have not been accepted, just to make sure we don't delete any legitmate members.