Fireclaw (shadowofraven) wrote in dsa_anime,

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New Room

Okay i was tolled that we are moveing to Ms. Lema's room witch is C117 (for those who don't know) i will have it in the after noon and morring anocunements TODAY sorry i did not get it in on wendsday but i kind of forgot :-/
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good job! (really!) For my information.....there isn't really anybody who is in this community that we don't know or have classes with...they need to JOIN!!!!!!!!!
thx lot it took some time but :D i'm on now ps i'm still not sure how this thing works and how do I get fancy picture are????? (sorry, I can't figure it out by username....O__o)
How do I get a fancy picture?
for entries...use HTML (there are web pages based on HTML all over the internet...just type in HTML cheatsheet..or something in Yahoo! or Google.)

For the layouts of the need to use Live Journal override codes..which are based on CCS, they are very different from HTML (harder in my opinion..). You probably want to search online for that one too!

(sorry, not much help...T__T)