Sanada "TK" Usako (silvertsubasa) wrote in dsa_anime,
Sanada "TK" Usako

Club Cancelation

la....not that anyone reads this but...I'm sorry club got canceled today. Mrs. Lema came to me once I was already in the auditorium prepairing for that assembly thing with my chorus and told me she'd had a last minute change of plans. She didn't know that she wasn't going to be able to be there till the last minute. On any other day I would have fished around at lunch till I found someone else to do it. But today I didn't have that option snce I couldn't leave the auditorium. And since Sara was with me and we couldn't reach anyone else to go make such I had to make a judgement call and just ask Mrs. Lema to post a notice about the cancelation on our door. I didn't feel right about saying it was still on when I had no way of knowing I could find someone on extremely short notice right after school. I'm sorry if this inconvienced anyone. Mrs. Lema has never canceld on us before and it was bound to happen at least once during the year, sometimes things just come up. Since Mrs. Lema has been a very good and rather attentive sponser this year, I hope you'll forgive her and accept my sincerest apologies that I couldn't find a way around it. Had it been any other day I would have found a way for us to have club, but with all that was going on just didn't happen. So anyway I'm sorry.
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